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*Menu varies with each pop up - follow our instagram for the menu for each pop up 

Street Tacos

Tacos topped with cilantro, onions, radishes, and limes. Gluten free. 

Al Pastor 

 "Pork"  marinated in a blend of guajillo chilies, house-made spices,  topped off with sweet pineapple. (soy protein based)


Smokey, spicy 'beef steak'. (soy protein based, GF)

Chorizo con Papas 

Savory Mexican "Sausage" bits sautéed with crispy golden potatoes. (soy protein based)


Shredded chicken marinated in our house-made dry rub. (soy free). 


Crispy thin-cut fries topped with spicy nacho cheeze, mashed beans, choice of protein, pico de gallo, sour cream, and jalapenos.

Shrimp Tacos

flakey crispy shrimp, topped with purple cabbage pico de gallo, and a chipotle cashew cream - served with a corn tortilla. Contains soy, gluten and nuts. 

Super tacos

corn tortilla, served with whole pinto beans, choice of protein, pico de gallo, cashew sour cream, avocado slice. 

Photo by: Andrew 

Super Burritos

Mexican rice, mashed pinto beans, choice of protein, pico de gallo, cashew sour cream, avocado slices - rolled with a flour tortilla.

Super Nachos

house-fried corn tortilla chips, topped off with cashew spicy nacho cheeze, mashed pinto beans, pico de gallo,  cashew sour cream, jalapeños, and choice of meat. 

Photo by: Jonjonmac

Tostada De Ceviche

mixture of fresh, raw veggies  and "Tilapia" chunks  (soy protein based) marinated in citrus juices, topped off with avocado. best paired with valentina hot sauce.

Tostada De Repollo

Jalapeño cabbage salad served on a bed of mashed black beans, topped with queso fresco, best paired with Valentina hot sauce. 

Photo by: Shane + Marie

Mushroom and Potato Flautas

crispy stuffed flautas topped with lettuce, sour cream, queso fresco, radishes. best paired with aguacate salsa. 


( Mushroom and Potato Flautas )

Mushroom Chilaquiles

crispy tortilla triangles tossed in a spicy, roasted tomatillo sauce. topped with cashew sour cream, diced onion, cilantro, queso fresco, and avocado. served with mashed pinto beans. 

Photo by: Ricky

Super Burrito Bowls

Mexican rice, mashed beans, choice of protein, pico de gallo, pickled habanero onions, avocado slices, chipotle cream, and sour cream. 

Agua de Pepino con Limon y Chia 

blended cucumber and limes topped off with chia seeds. 

Date Horchata 

traditional Mexican rice-based "milky" beverage made with dates, cinnamon, and vanilla.


Agua de Jamaica 

infused, chilled herbal tea made from dried petals of the Hibiscus flower and organic cane sugar.

Agua de Tamarindo 

refreshing, sweet, and tarty water made from fresh tamarind pods and organic cane sugar.  


Salsa de Aguacate

creamy avocado salsa mixed with lime and cilantro.

Orange Salsa 

signature roasted salsa made with our favorite blend of chilies and tomatoes.

Pico De Gallo

finely diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, soaked in lime juices.  


avocado smash mixed with diced veggies and citrus juices.

Salsa Roja

crimson salsa made with red tomatoes and chile arbol. 

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Vegan Veganos!

is a plant-based, Mexican comfort food truck in your San Jose neighborhood, offering herbivore pick-up and togo menus. 

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Our mission " to bring happiness and love through tacos!"

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